Cochrane Memorial Park

CochraneDucksCochrane Memorial Park is located at 750 Mill Road SE.

This park offers beautiful spot for relaxing and enjoying peace and quiet. It is home to quite walking paths, well-kept, grass fields, and a catch and release fish pond. 

It also serves as a the centerpiece of Yelm's water reclamation infrastructure. All of the water in the park is reclaimed water that is infiltrated from the Water Reclamation Facility back into the ground to recharge the aquifer.

More about Cochrane Park:
The City of Yelm completed construction of the reclaimed water facility and Cochrane Memorial Park in the summer of 1999, formally transforming the wastewater treatment plant into a Class A water reclamation facility.

Cochrane Memorial Park is the end result of the reclaimed water process and is an eight-acre constructed wetland park and aquifer recharge facility.  The park supports wildlife habitat and is home to a catch-and-release fishpond filled with rainbow trout.