Application for New Water Rights

Mitigation Plan
Report of Examiniation
Mitigation Plan
Appendix A - Shannon & Wilson Modeling Memo
Figures in Appendix A
Appendix B - Golder Modeling Memo
Appendix C - Washington Administrative Code
Appendix D1 - Deshutes River Agreements
Appendix D2 - Interlocal Agreements
Appendix D3 - Smith Water Rights Option
Appendix D4 - Smith Property Option
Appendix D5 - Smith Beneficial USe Analysis
Appendix D6 - Jensen Water Rights Option
Appendix D7 - Jensen Beneficial Use Analysis
Appendix E - Initial Acquisition and Restoration of the Smith Ranch
Thompson Creek Conceptual Hydrogeologic Model
The City of Yelm Southwest Well 1A Development Report
Draft Wellhead Protection Plan10.5 MB
EDR Redius Map Report8.4 MB