Police Department Volunteer Program

The Yelm Police Department has a volunteer programs for area residents and/or business owners. There is no specific requirement for these positions other than a strong desire to give back to the community of Yelm. The department currently has 7 volunteers that provide varying amounts of time and service to the department and community. Once a year the department will conduct a volunteer academy based on the need. The academy is one night a week for a month. Volunteers are educated on local and state laws, driving techniques and simple communication skills. Once educated, volunteers are outfitted with clothing provided by the department, clearly identifying you as a Police Volunteer. Volunteers assist with court room security, parking complaints, traffic direction, monitoring of our parks and parking lots, neighborhood presence, crime prevention education, department tours, juvenile community service monitoring and security on our walking trails. Check under “employment opportunities” to see if the department is actively seeking volunteers. 





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